LDF Board Meeting on Aug 24, 2022 08:30 AM Eastern Time
During the virtual Board Meeting held on the 24th of August,2022 the following items
were discussed:

● Long Drive Federation as a Non – profit organization successfully registered in
South Carolina, USA. Official document issued by State of South Carolina on August
22, 2022.
● Jeff Gilder and Luis Kuronya are working on build the official website of LDF and
creating social media channels of LDF. The official website shall be available by 2 nd week of September, 2022.
● All board members has a LDF official Email address and created by Jeff Gilder.
● Luis Kuronya is working on the first draft of Rules and Regulations of LDF and shall share and discuss with everyone. The goal is to unify the rules of Long Drive Sport globally.
● Committees – the responsible person of each Committee is looking for possible candidates for the committee.
● World Championship – The 1st LDF World Championship 2023 is planning to be held in Summer time in Europe. Exact date and location is to be confirmed. Asmus Lembke is responsible for find the possible venue.
● The World Championship 2024 is planning to be held in China which one year before the China World Game 2025. Shine Liu is in responsible for searching the possible venue and manage other works related.