1. Rules
We are incorporated the rules to the website with the change proposed by Jeff to raise to 18 inches (tie ball).
2. Meetings
Future meeting will be the first Thursday of each month (same time) and the first Thursday of December will be the General Assembly.
3. Proposal for GA
Every member that want to send proposals to change or add to the constitution or rules or committees must be submitted 30 days before the GA.
4. Associate members
The Associate member fee was changed to U$ 100.
This is for nations, individuals or company without vote in the GA.
5. New silhouette or figure logo
I received a great silhouette design that we can use for competition or to identify the long drive sport.
I am going to propose to the GA to incorporated the silhouette and new logo.
I will sending the silhouette or figure after this info.
6. World LD championship or games
We are working with Asmus to determine the place and date for our first WLD games.
Any request from your side, any question or advise is welcome to the Meetings.
We need to do a great event next year.
7. Website
We are working with the design, Jeff is doing a great job. We are going to add rules and board meetings.
8. Account
I am going to open the account to start to send the member fee or using another ways to send the money.
9. Flyer
We are going to have a flyer or something to show and encourage hitters and nations to be part of the sport.
10. Video
We have a new video to promote the federation. I will be sending soon.