During the virtual Board Meeting held on the 6th of October, 2022 the following items were


  • Long Drive Federation – Finance / invoice. President Luis Kuronya explained all incomes to LDF 

has to be considered as a donation. Because LDF is a non-profit organization and according to the laws

it has to work in this way. 

  • Committee and Country members – waiting for current members to recommend more members in 

their own countries. 

  • Committees – the responsible person of each Committee is looking for possible candidates 

for the committee. 

  • General Assembly – will be December 1st of every year. Any rules and regulation

which members want to change must submit to the Secretary in writing minimum 1 month before the General Assembly and the board shall discuss and approve it during the General Assembly. 

  • New members – Two different kinds of members shall establish: 

1) is Full membership with voting rights 

2) Associate members without voting rights. Athlete member is in discussion with disagreement and confusions of the board. 

  • In 2023 all members shall register a NGO in their country for Long Drive Sport. A Minimum 20 countries need to join the federations to qualify and to be approved to enter the World Sports Organization. 
  • World Championship – The 1st LDF World Championship 2023 is planning to be held

in Summertime in Europe. Exact date and location is to be confirmed. Asmus Lembke is responsible 

for finding the possible venue. One option in Germany and another option in the UK are recommended by Asmus. 

In December, all details regarding the venue, date, hotels etc shall be confirmed.


  • Sponsorship and financing – The sponsorship and financing of the 1st Global Long

Drive Championship is the biggest concern for everyone. How to raise fund and fund sponsor

 deal for the event shall be discussed by the next board meeting.